Our Company

Our company Saint Mina was established 1997 in Cyprus. Also registered as a legal pharmaceutical company on 2015.

We are market leaders in most of our products especially the gynaecologists,surgeon,and pediatric products and also we have very good contacts with the media as we are advertising a lot of our products in the most famous magazines and radio.

As you know we are occupied country and until now we are distributing the products in our area south cyprus with the hope that we will have solution very soon and we will be able to expand to the north area as well.

Also we are area responsible for distributing the fine range of products Canadian origin SCARFIX in the area (Jordan,Lebanon,Greece) and we are searching for distributes in the area and they are working under our umbrella and our responsibilities.

We are interested in promoting,distributing and marketing your products in Cyprus and if you are interested in doing business with our company kindly contact me.

This is our company history and how did we start and also companies that we are cooperating with worldwide and we are exclusive distributors for them..We are visiting 450 pharmacies and all medical practitioners pancyprian.

Our Cooperations

  • Health products corporation USA
  • SR Innovative with Scarfix fine range of products-Canada
    Saint Mina responsible for promotion the range Scarfix in Cyprus ,Greece,Jordan and Lebanon.
  • Bionike dermatological products for skin care/Italy
  • Jaco enterprise USA
  • Vitamec Inc, with the products of Mr Tumee.USA
  • Abigo Sweden.
  • Damel,Spain
  • Visislim-Vitaslim Products-Bulgaria
  • Health Spark-UK
  • Mackeon products inc. USA
  • Banz UK
  • euronationl-Amnol Italy

New cooperation Year 2016:

  • PAMEX-Germany
  • Rycom electronics – China
  • Medicare Europe-UK

New cooperation 2017:

  • Clinova UK
  • Sana plus Hungary
  • Sweddish Nutra -Sweden