Banded Foam Ear Plugs 3 Pairs+Band (900)

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  • Mack’s Hi-Viz earplugs’ bright color (ANSI fluorescent yellow-green) is the most visible color to the human eye making them the superior solution for:
    1. Compliance Checks (monitoring hunters and shooters on the range): Utilizing the most luminous color, Mack’s Hi-Viz earplugs allow for faster, more efficient, and more accurate compliance checks, especially at greater distances and under different light and weather conditions.
    2. Fast acquisition for critical use: Mack’s Hi-Viz earplugs give hunters and shooters the best chance to quickly visually locate for immediate use when under unexpected or sudden shooting situations.
    3. Finding if dropped or lost: Superior luminescence makes Mack’s Hi-Viz earplugs easier to locate. Utilizing the brightest color to the human eye gives hunters and shooters the best chance of finding earplugs if lost.
  • *Meets American National Standards Institute’s highest luminescent factor Requirement of 70% for Hi-Viz safety apparel
  • According to ANSI, there are no alternative colors as luminous as fluorescent yellow-green. Mack’s Hi-Viz earplugs are the most visible color available.
  • Banded hearing protection with ergonomically-shaped soft foam ear plugs for comfort and performance
  • Thumb grips on the stems for quick and easy insertion
  • Integrated sound absorbers reduce noise transmission through the band
  • Super lightweight and flexible
  • Great for tactical training, hunting, loud events, target practice, skeet and trap shooting, etc.
  • #1 Doctor Recommended Brand to Prevent Hearing Loss
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) – 28 dB


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