Electronic Nebulizer

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  • The top of the aerosol therapy equipment. Maximum portability with exceptional performance.
  • This electronic device for aerosol therapy can be used anywhere since it can work with unit electrical adapter or with rechargeable batteries (optional).
  • The nebulization is very fast and can be adjusted to three different levels.
  • The nebulized particles are extremely effective with a very low MMAD able to reach the deep airways.
  • The total lack of noise, the presence of a base that can be fixed with velcro to the child’s bed, makes the product extremely comfortable and suitable for pediatric use.
  • As a matter of fact, a mother could also perform the therapy while holding the baby in the arms or while the baby is sleeping in bed.
  • The total absence of noise won’t intimidate the children and will make the therapy easier.
  • The electronic functions are controlled by a microprocessor.
  • The LCD screen informs you of the working status, facilitating the use of the product.
  • The device has a nebulizing chamber that ensures the thermal stability of the atomized medicine preventing any alteration.
  • Also tested with beclomethasone and budesonide.



Technical specifications

Maximum speed: 1cc minute – 1 ml minute
Particle dimension range: 3 µm
Medicine cup capacity: 8 ml
Fully charged battery autonomy (OPTIONAL): 45 min.
Operating time: 15 min ON; 30 min OFF
Warranty: 2 years

Notes:*Datas variable depending on the medicine used. Data measured through laser diffraction technology using a physiological solution. Datas obtained by nebulising 4 ml of physiological solution.

Technical specifications are indicative and have no contractual value. All information contained in the website and in downloadable or visible online documentation related to medical devices have no character or nature of advertising. In any form they are made, all the contents have informative nature intended solely for pharmacists doctors and sector professionals. A different Warrantyperiod can be agreed with the company. NORDITALIA reserves the right to change technical, functional, performance and aesthetic specifications without notice.


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