Mosquito Repellent Adjustable Wrist Band – Black

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  • A stylish Mosquito Repellent Adjustable Wrist Band is manufactured from silicone and has been designed to contain a plant based derived insect repellent which is oil of lemon eucalyptus (Citriodiol) that has been proven to repel mosquitos.

    • Adjustable strap.
    • One size fits all 160mm to 220mm.
    • Can be worn on the wrist of ankle.
    • Clean & easy to use effective for up to 2 weeks
    • Insect Repellent (30% Citriodiol)
    • Funky and fashionable
    • Re-sealable packaging bag to increase life span
    • Adjustable level of repellent waterproof and durable comfortable to wear, easy to take on and off
    • Affordable price for effective lifespan In extreme environments and for complete body protection use in conjunction with THEYE Mosquito Repellent Micro Spray.

    Always use biocides safely. Please read the label and product information before use.


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