Ultra + Multivitamin


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• Powerful Liquid Multivitamin containing 147 active ingredients
• Super Green blend supports an unbalanced diet
• Amino boost blend is vital in promoting wound repair and encouraging healthy tissue
• Contains your recommended daily intake of all the B vitamins
• Vitamin C (500mg) and Vitamin D3 (15ug) boosts your immune system
• Niacin contributes to the reduction of tiredness
• Vitamin B12 improves memory and cognitive function over the long term
• Vitamin B9 supports a healthy cardiovascular system
• 10mg Lutein and 2.5g Zeaxanthin which helps prevent ARED (Age Related Eye Disease)
• Vitamin K and Ginseng can cause a risk for cardiovascular patients
• Iron Free, gluten and lactose free, vegan friendly
• 33-day supply
• Orange Flavour


Ingredients list for Ultra+ Multivitamin
Dose: 15 ml
Flavour: Orange Flavour
Form: Liquid

Ingredients: Multi-filtered water, natural fruit juice blend from concentrates; orange, apple, mandarin, guava, papaya, lime, mango, pineapple, grape, sweetener (fructose), l-ascorbic acid, potassium citrate, calcium gluconate, magnesium gluconate, natural flavors (natural orange, natural strawberry), l-lysine, l-glycine, l-taurine, l-alanine, l-valine, l-arginine, l-glutamine, l-proline L-Isoleucine, l-leucine, zinc gluconate, ginseng panax c.a. meyer, caffeine anhydrous, freshness preserver (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), choline l-bitartrate, zeaxanthin powder, emulsifier (xanthan gum), d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine hcl, riboflavin, niacinamide, pyridoxine hcl, inositol, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, manganese gluconate, cholecalciferol, CoQ10, lutein, flavor (natural vanilla) 4-aminobenzoic acid, copper gluconate, sweetener (steviol glycosides), chromium picolinate, folic acid, citrus bioflavonoids powder, red beet powder, psyllium powder, alfalfa powder, broccoli powder, spirulina powder, aloe vera powder, green tea powder, green coffee bean powder, grape seed powder, lycopene powder, lecithin powder, freshness preserver (malic acid, citric acid), d-biotin, retinyl palmitate, potassium iodide, natural color (beta carotene), menaquinone, sodium selenite, cyanocobalamin. 100% Natural Flavour & Natural Colour.


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